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Thread: Bill 'definitely' Oddie

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    Bill 'definitely' Oddie

    Was sitting enjoying a wee dram the other night and put live at the apollo on for a wee bit of comedy. Did anyone else see that to**er Bill Oddie with his hand up the toy badger what a massive tool that man give it a rest you neep.
    Also, on the news hillwalkers were worried that the big nasty gamekeepers were trying to take away their right to roam, we're not, but they didn't seem to realise however that some people have to work the land and the birds flora and fauna that they see doesn't, in these times, magically appear. And that by staying away from certain areas for a few months through the nesting season and such like that when the routes were free again they would actually see more species of wildlife!! townies take note: keep your cr*p in the towns and we'll keep our bull**it in the country!!

    I still can't believe that i actually pay for a Tv license. i'd be better burning twenties!!

    Thanks folks i needed a wee vent........Rant over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kickthedug View Post

    I still can't believe that i actually pay for a Tv license. i

    I can't believe that anyone pays for a TV license!
    I've never had a telly in my life, and I'm clearly not missing much. Load of crap by the sounds of things.

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