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Thread: Some belts.

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    Some belts.

    Edit - new orders now beingtaken are re priced due to the price of materials and a re evaluation of the time spent on them. I'm either going to have to start making a living or go back to the day job.

    So 1.5 inch belts are 45 plus 3.20 post and 2 inch are 50 plus 3.20 post for the bridle butt and veg tanned butt. This is an SD price so mention this to me if you see me at shows.

    Three up for grabs. Single prong 4mm dark brown bridle leather in Aus nut. 34 - 41 waist. 40 all in. Burnished edges by hand and a hand sewn keeper. Veg tanned butt Sam Browne buckle in light brown, burnished and oiled 34 - 40 waist. 40 all in. Natural full rectangle, undyed, unburnished, natural hand sewn keeper 32 - 38 waist. 30 all in. Thanks for looking
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    Hmmmm. How wide are they, and is it possible to make a couple more holes in them to fit the slender waist of a pine marten (30" ish)?

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    Two at two inch and one at 1.5 inch. Yes, extra holes are no problem. Richard

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    I'll have the middle one then please, the one with the two-pronged buckle, with extra holes which will probably become redundant before the belt does.

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    I'll take the dark brown, pm sent.

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    That's it gents. I have officially emptied every source I can find of the two inch double prong buckles. They are no more. Richard

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    Have you anymore of the dark brown ? im a 32/34 waist

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    Just ordered a stack more buckles for next months making. Let me know if you want one!

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    I just wanted to say that I received my belt yesterday and I'm delighted with the quality. I have also discovered that the belt loops on my jeans are exactly two inches high and no more, so that was lucky. I'm also feeling slightly smug about having the last two-inch double-pronged buckle in the Universe.

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