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Thread: CZ 527 in .204 Ruger

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    CZ 527 in .204 Ruger

    I've decided to sell my CZ 527 in .204 Ruger been pondering over it for far too long and have now come to have a clear out. I haven't owned it all that long really (about 2 yrs) and it's only fired about 150 shots in that time. Only used it twice during the whole winter months and now still not finding real work for it so have decided to recoup the funds.
    It has a 24 inch medium weight barrel which was threaded and recrowned by Richard Pope (1/2" x 20 unf).
    Five shot magazine.

    The Scope is a Bushnell elite 6500 2.5 - 18 x 50 multi plex ret not included, but can be for an extra 400 as new with sun shade and Warne rings.

    Again the moderator is a Nightingale over barrel and can be included for an extra 100, probably only had 30 shots through it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    god thats a bargain good accurate no nonsense rifle the cz's are. I like the fact it has longer barrel. to really make use of the 204 speeds

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    Yeah great rifle just not getting used enough, forgot to mention that it has the set trigger also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty_Hunter View Post
    Yeah great rifle just not getting used enough, forgot to mention that it has the set trigger also.
    Just curious ..... there's only 1 model in Lefthand, but umpteen variants in righthand form.

    Is this the Varmint with the heavy barrel? If so, has it been shortened from the original 65cm/25.6" length?
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Yes you're probably correct, I've checked and the barrell is 25.6" long the threading didn't remove any length. It probably is called varmint but i wouldn't consider it a heavy barrell really.

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    Have you owned the rifle since new?

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    Come on people a fantastic Foxing and varminting calibre/rifle.

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    Nobody looking for a great Foxing varminting gun?

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