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Thread: Barnes TTSX 120g in 6.5x55

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    Barnes TTSX 120g in 6.5x55

    I have recently acquired some of these bullets to try in my Sako 75.
    Almost every make of bullet I have used in my rifle has been relatively easy to get accurate.
    My first attempts with the Barnes bullets have been disappointing.
    My favourite powders with this bullet weight are H4350 and N160.
    My pet loads are seated 10 thou or closer to the rifling.
    I have been told that Barnes bullets prefer to be seated further back, which I will try very soon.
    Does anyone have any experiences with this bullet that they would like to share ?


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    Andy. Another Andy on here who knows his stuff, said seat 50 thou off the lands for the Barnes bullets. Regards JCS

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    Barnes recommend starting at 50000 from the lands.

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    I have always seated 50 thou off with TSX and find they shoot well very quickly. Don't worry about getting them close to the lands

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    I shot four test groups last weekend with the same bullet out of my 260. Three of the four groups went under .75". I just need to try and reproduce these groups. No idea how far off the lands I am, but not much more than 20 thou. Powder is Reloder 17.

    I would try a slightly faster powder.

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    Thank you all for your replies. I intend to use H4350 as this has worked very well with 120g bullets to date.

    Following your advise I will seat my next trial group 50 thou off the lands and see what happens.

    I will let you know how I get on.



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    .050" off the lands is the starting point i'd recommend

    This seating depth works for 120, 130 and 140 grainers in 6.5 and 7mm

    I think srvet uses the same depth for 30 cal too.

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    I use 52 grains of N560 and seat with the rim at the bottom of the second groove. I do not want to leave a space between the top of the rim and the bullet (i.e mid groove) as this would allow dirt to be trapped

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