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    Right, so I'm on my Easter holidays and I'm bored to be honest. I've done all the revision I can without wanting run away and never come back.... So I decided I would post on here and try to get as many people involved as possible. So I thought what does everyone like?? Music! And if you don't then you must have something wrong with you.... Anyway, just post your top 5 music bands/groups/people etc.
    Mine are...

    1. Avenged Sevenfold
    2. Good Charlotte
    3. Green Day
    4. Slipknot
    5. Arctic Monkeys

    I like most music to be honest but refuse to listen to anything like Justin Bieber or One Direction... Anyway post away!

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    Hope your ready for some music humour Euan, I'll bet there's some vast array of tastes out there.


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    I've not come across your 1 and 2. Anyhow, keeping it almost within a popular-type band idiom (I have fairly catholic tastes, so it is useful to apply limits)
    1. Pogues
    2. Kinks
    3.Depeche Mode
    4. The Whisky Priests
    5. Suede
    6. Choral Evensong on Radio 3

    It's difficult. I can't think of many things in life that I can easily narrow down to a list of 5 favourites.

    By the way, my experience suggests that trick with revision was steadily to do as much as you can cope with in an organised, disciplined and timetabled way, allowing time for some R&R (particularly physical exercise). Good luck with it.
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    FAITHLESS OTIS TAYLOR PAUL OKENFOLD BILLY IDOL TIESTO first five, doug, oh and BLADE VAMPIRE dance club theme not much iwont shake my booty to,and bigyins as ,well
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    queens of the stone age
    foo fighters
    green day
    johnny cash
    smashing pumpkins
    just a random selection but like most it depends what mood im in to what i listen too

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    if you like greenday give the Clash a listen stiff little fingers .im a bit of an ald punk rocker myself .but some easy listening cowboy junkies the trinity sessions Degsy

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    I should have posted mine up to keep in with the thread.
    1. Rammstein
    2. Black Sabbath
    3. Celine Dion
    4. Lana Del Ray
    5. Capercaillie.

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    Mumford & Sons
    Chris Rea
    Thin Lizzy
    Florence & the Machine

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    Never mind the b*llocks, here's the Sex need look no further!

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    Def leopard
    Bon Jovi
    Iron maiden

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