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Thread: Spotlamp colour?

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    Spotlamp colour?

    I'm going to bite the bullet and fork out for a nightmaster 800. Mainly a general lamp for rabbits/use with the airgun and hopefully start lamping this year.

    my question is what colour of lamp to go for? I was thinking red or green? I was leaning towards green as it lets you see further at night?

    thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have just got a nightmaster 800 in the new Envy Green and love it, I also have a red led as well, prefer the green for all round use.
    The green gives better range, and shows more detail while still being kind to your eye's, I would only use the red for spotting, but as
    I'm using night vision for that it is likely to remain in my bag as a back up should green ever start to spook things.


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    just before you shell out on a nightmaster they are good but for half the price check out ludicrouslumens on google or ukvarminting,hes a sound bloke and safe youneed a red kit and scope mount ,you can order different colour led pills if need be,T20 red kit atb doug, distance 200mtrs eye shine,focusable

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    I used to do a lot of fox lamping using Clulite halogen lamps & came to the following conclusions.

    FOR ME!
    White light shows up everything best in perfectly crystal clear dry air dust free conditions, but these are very rare & cannot be predicted. Also the muzzle blast fumes reflect too much light & this obscures vision. For these reasons I hardly ever use white light.
    Red filters cut through mist & muzzle fumes best & give me excellent eye reflections from fox & rabbits. BUT the filters I've had did reduce the ability to see the rest of the animals a bit too much.
    For foxes at longer ranges I ended up using orange filters as the best option - Eye reflections are there (not like the ruby flash seen when using red) but the body / fur shows up better.
    For bunnies I usually stick to red filters as the range is much shorter & the duller red light doesn't scare them as much as orange or white light.
    I tried a green filter once but it wasn't as good as the red/orange for my eyes.


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    I would recommend white light for correct identification.

    recently seen these in action while not a lightforce for it's price was very good

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    +2 for white light but I may flick the red filter on if things get tricky

    Like many things ,it's all down to personal taste and experience.
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    I tried green the other night for the first time and was quite surprised with clarity, will still stick to red though as it felt a bit I was at a disco..weird I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    .like I was at a disco..weird I know
    Please explain this "at a disco"


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    Not actually @ a disco, but it seemed an unnatural colour to be shining about at night, more akin to a 90's rave in a field..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick6point5 View Post
    Not actually @ a disco, but it seemed an unnatural colour to be shining about at night, more akin to a 90's rave in a field..
    I was taking the

    I often end up shining towards a road, on the field side of course, and don't want to blind anybody with a white light, nor do I really want to show them a red that could be confused with a car, so for years have used amber, but I have to say the new green is far better than anything else I have used, with the possible exception of the green laser I use on the rimmy.
    At first outing, just trying the lamp and NV but not shooting it was clearly showing ducks at 200 yards, and I could tell the difference between tufty's and mallards, and coots and moorehens. Couldn't with the NV although it was showing eye shine at silly distances. The green also worked very well with binoculars, not that that really has any practical use for the single handed shooter.


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