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Thread: Warning - Estate Rifle exemption

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    Warning - Estate Rifle exemption

    This post could be in the legal section but I think this one gets more traffic.

    I was talking to a part-time stalker over the weekend and he was describing how he had taken a young 14 year old lad out stalking. He did this under the estate rifle exemption. Or so he thought. I pointed out to him that this exemption only applies to someone 17 or older. This came as a shock to him and I think there may be a lot of people who confuse the rifle exemption with the shotgun exemption which does not have the same age limit.

    There may be a lot of people with the same misunderstanding.


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    Nice to see this one brought up again as it is so easy to fall foul of the law on this one.
    Only a couple of weeks ago there was a picture in one of the shooting magazines it might even have been "Shooting Times", showing a young boy aged about 10 or 11 using a small bore rifle under supervision in a field setting. Now I know they often use inappropriate library pictures but the picture editor should have picked up on this one especially as the story was endorsing the encouragement of youngsters into the sport.
    It was definately a rifle and not an air rifle.

    Obviously not a lot of people are aware of the restrictions with regard to age and estate rifles.

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    I have'nt seen this item myself, but would ask could you identify the arm exactly?

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    I can't remember what rifle it was now, but it definately wasn't an air rifle.
    I though about sending off an email to draw their attention to it but thought that they would probably be swamped with similar emails and letters by others.
    I'll see if I can did out the magazine.

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    Not wanting to sound pedantic here, but what decided you that it was definately a rifle?Steve.

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    finnbear270 had a look but can't find the magazine with the picture, it may have been in the copy of Sporting Gun that I gave my mate the other evening.
    If memory serves me right it was a CZ/Brno .22 bolt action rifle, but I am relying on memory.

    It seems daft really that we have so many laws and restrictions. I can just imagine trying to explain to the likes of Muir that you can't take your young son out into the field and allow him to shoot a few rounds through your .22 rimfire legally.

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    AAhh!, The Cheshire FLO EH!

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