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Thread: Dependant Young

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    Dependant Young

    Am I correct in thinking that it is recommended that when you shoot a Female of any deer species you should also try to shoot the dependant youngster aswell, if not first?
    I know that the deer seasons are set out so that in theory you are only shooting females a while after they have given birth and the young are a few months old but at what age is a youngster no longer classed as being dependant on the mother?
    Six months? A year?


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    Each case is dependant on your own observations at the time of considering a shot, based on recommendations in best practice/dsc L1.

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    Griff, are you out there?

    Mick, sorry, this one caused an unholy **** storm on another site. Good luck.

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    Claret, I hope it does'nt go down the same route on here!

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    I'll run away now then

    To be more specific what age would most people/best practice say a Roe was no longer dependant?

    Mick(running awa.....)

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    (ROE DEER )For me its the new year Jan the first is when i swap from kids first then doe to doe first then the kids and it has worked for me i hope it gets put in the new legislation . PS GRIFF WONT COME IN TO THIS HE GOT HIS ASS SPANKED BY THE MANSUCKER.

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    [quote="Deerstalker2010HE GOT HIS ASS SPANKED BY THE MANSUCKER. [/quote]

    Some people would pay good money for that kind of service!!

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    I do not shoot a doe when there is a kid around at any time of the year. That is my personal choice any other may diasgree. I think you can always find a single doe around or one stays long enough to offer a shot after the kid has been killed.


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    Well in that case, here's the 2 Roe I shot this weekend when invited out by a mate. That's still only 3 in the last 12mths but I cant moan about a "right and left". I shot the Kid first at about 50yds, the mother started to run but stopped and came back to see why her kid wasn't moving and with a lot of "Go on! Shoot!Go on!" from behind me which really helped I shot her too.

    I was a little disappointed with my second shot as it only clipped the lungs but turned destroying the liver and hitting the gut. I thought she would run but she made off slowly and sat down. Not a shot I wish to repeat mainly because they dont die as quickly but also there's the messy gralloch and the wasted meat.
    I wonder to myself what would I have done had I been on my own and I honestly dont know. All the deer we saw had kids with them, some had 2 and I believe there is a bit of pressure to get rid of as many deer as possible as the estate has been replanted.
    But a good day out and certainly one I wont forget.

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