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    Älg Jakt

    On Thursday the leader of our hunting team rang to ask if I was free for moose hunting on Saturday. I had nothing else on so it was a yes. We only had they calf left of our 1adult and one calf moose on our ticket. We had shot a heifer in October and we left the calf till January so it’s a bit bigger
    Five of us met up at 8.30 talked about which way we would do the first drive. The first drive would push any moose over my ground so we got into place and our hunting leader went round onto the neighbours ground and let his Gråhund loose. It wasn’t long before the dog had picked up a cow and calf and drove it between the guns. The cow and calf went over my clearing 250 mtrs from me and the young chap who was nearer could not get a clear shot.
    After several more drives and everybody seeing the moose it was finally shot at 12.45 by the last gun who was stood up near the boundary of our hunting ground
    Happy gråhund

    Älg kalv


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    Now that is what I call a purposeful looking dog!

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    Fascinating and all the better for the pictures.

    So the moose was driven rather than stalked. Is it always thus?

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    Shot in the abdomen or is that an exit wound?

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    If, & I mean IF, I am looking at what I think I'm looking at , Looks to me to be shot quartering on from right side down through low in the sternum. nicely done! 8)

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    From 2nd week in August till the 1st october is when we hunt roe bucks with rifle only. 1st of october everthing is hunted with dogs. Moose hunting starts second Monday October. Its much better if you hunt in a team as its no fun sitting by the fire grilling korv by yourself .
    The moose was shot in the chest exit through the abdomen. I don't know the angle he shot the calf at but he was higher up than the calf and it was on the move it only went about 30mtrs before it fell over.

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    Jagare, nice write up and pics. That's one powerful looking hound. What's the stats- weight, height etc?

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    downwind, the Gråhund can weigh up to 25kg with a shoulder height of 50cm. they arn't really pet dogs although many hunters have them liveing in the house. They are used for moose ,boar, and they have been used for hunting bear. In the late summer they will hunt and bay badgers out in the cornfields. That would go down well in the UK.

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    He'd be welcome to park his paws on my hearth anyday! 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    He'd be welcome to park his paws on my hearth anyday! 8)
    And who would tell him otherwise?

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