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Thread: Dangerous Game Calibres

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    Dangerous Game Calibres

    Can anyone shed any light on whether either Dorset or Devon & Cornwall condition larger cals (such as 9.3) for deer/boar please

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    What's with the quality of backstops in Dorset or Devon & Cornwall??


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    D&C yes. I don't have anything bigger than .308 at present, (other than 12b slug), but it hasn't been an issue before.

    As one of the more enlightened constabularies D&C will normally place only one condition on an experienced shot's open FAC:

    " The firearms and ammunition, shall be used for shooting deer and any other lawful quarry and for zeroing on ranges, or land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot."

    Thereafter it's up to the holder to make the decision on which firearm/ammunition is suitable or lawful to use on what quarry.

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    D&C do & so do Avon & Somerset got slots for a few lads on my ground in Somerset & Devon with 9.3,444 & .375H&H

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    Funny you should post that...I was just about to post a similar thread.

    Dorset DO NOT as a rule "allow" anything over .338 for deer/boar within the UK but alas it depends on your local FLO. I have 9.3 on my ticket but alas I cannot use it within the UK for deer or boar, even though I have my .30 cal licensed for boar/feral pig within the UK. I can use non expanding ammunition in the UK provided it is on a range which allows that calibre and is insured for such. I can collect expanding ammunition at the point of embarkation from the UK but not possess or use it within the UK. lets look at the new guidelines published in Nov 13. The key paragraph is 13.37 which, briefly, states that "Once initial “good reason” has been established for a rifle in shooting “dangerous game”, it may also be considered for shooting the larger deer species and boar in Britain"
    This suggests that a discussion may well take place with the Police on the fact that if you have a 9.3, .375 etc and use it abroad AND have permission to shoot deer and boar in the UK there is little or no reason why they should not allow it in the UK.
    The response I received was "No-one has a 9.3 for deer/boar in Dorset". Unfortunately factually untrue!
    Dorset Police also state within their mission statement the values of fairness that they will - "act impartially, treating all according to their needs"
    So.... time for a discussion me thinks!

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    D&C updated my FAC on a one for one variation to swap 45-70 for 375HH last Nov. Bit painful to get it all sorted but mainly down to general poor service.
    Variation issued (missed off the ammo) on thier first attempt. D'Oh!
    375HH added onto my deer and AOLQ list with my 243/308/6.5/44 with expanding ammo.
    They were more concerned with the wording for the ranges that i would use to zero the rifle.
    I did come across a few in D&C that had 375HH with various conditions - solids only in the UK for zeroing being the main one.
    I'm now the proud owner of a hardly used Sako AV Magnum - makes the 243 feel like a rimfire. Absolute beauty.

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