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Thread: 222 remmy

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    222 remmy

    just wondering what you fellow shooters shoot in there 222 got given a box of factory 62g norma sp to try i shoot sako ammo 50g sp .does anybody use these and how well do they shoot .

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    How did you get given them?!
    Not fair

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    shoot 60gr hornady soft points in a 1:14 barrel keeping the speed down to just below factory speeds
    it is testing the twist rate and on paper shouldn't work

    would love to see how 62gr works out

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    In my present Renington 722 thats chambered for the 222 REM I shoot anything from 40-52 grains .

    In some of the 700 BDL Varmint Specials I had I shot mostly 52-55 match bullets as they were mainly for punching holes in paper .

    My maternal grandfather used that 722 222 from 1958 until his death 6 years ago . He shot 45 grainers the entire time . Killed many many many groundhogs . Back in the 50's 60's he killed even more hawks with the rifle . And over the course of years he killed a few deer and turkey with the gun . He shot one of the largest bodied deer I ever saw alive in my life with said rifle . That was about 1970 I think , he always brain shot them and the caliber made little difference .

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    just got back from weekend testing 62g so far very good had ten rounds to play with kept 4 back went out on sat nite last 2 hours daylight got a button buck poor sod only had 1 nut then out with lamp and foxes hate just ordered 100 from my gunshop .

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    What rifle are you using mate

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    remmy 700 std gun trigger down to 1lb thats it no mod but a friend is going to screwcut and make me a mod

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    Sako Arrow and Gamehead 50 grains are great and Prvi PPU 50's come very close too in my CZ.

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    Cheers buckeroo was just wondering as I have a fairly new t3 that I've not really put through its paces yet , but it's shooting 50gr ammo well so far but not tried anything else yet

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