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Thread: Snakes

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    Well, In the last two days Iv'e came across three adders ! Iv'e only ever seen grass snakes before and these boys are definitely adders, white with black diamond shapes going down their lengths of 18/24 inch. I must have startled two as they made their getaways but the third just lay coiled up a metre away from me staring!

    I don't mind snakes in general but I don't like them to surprise me, I like to know where they are.

    They are all probably out sunning themselves after a long hibernation period underground.

    I will make sure I wear long boots now,

    Has anyone on the SD been unfortunate enough and been bitten by an adder??

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    Yes, it is not serious unless you have a underlying problem, had a bad headache though.

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    I would rather not put it to the test.
    in reply to Taffs post.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwright View Post
    Mind the dogs though
    +1 watch the dogs

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    One of my staff got bitten by an Adder playing golf a few weeks ago in Northampton. He was playing golf not he adder!

    Leg swelled up like a ballon, left a pair of dead cool puncture marks.

    Best ever excuss for a day off.

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    Yes I have 3 times, once on the leg aged about 7 or 8, leg swelled a bit, but dad bought me a ginger beer and I was ok by end of the day, or at least that is the way I remember it. Lol
    Again but on the arm when I was about 14, headache fever and swollen, riding 4 miles home on my bike probably didn't help, doctor said I'd be ok, I'm still here.
    About 15 years ago I picked a baby one up, only about 8 inches long, (never seen one that small before, or since) it happily laid on the palm of my hand while I showed it to my then young son, and then I moved it to a place of safety as we were about to light a fire where it had been sunning it's self, little bugger spiked me with one fang on the ball of my thumb as I went to put it down. lol
    It felt like being pricked by a bramble, for about 5 minutes then went up to bee sting proportions, swollen a little and a numb hand and wrist, wore off after a couple of hours.
    I don't recommend picking them up, but I couldn't bring myself to hurt it, or let it be hurt and it wasn't for moving off under it's own steam, and actually laid where I put it down for a couple of hours, only moving away as the sun moved away from it.


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    This is interesting to myself, and to others in the US from Virginia and south, and the West. I have read of adders in English literature, but really had no idea how poisonous they might be.

    in the Deep South, we have Eastern Diamondback rattlesnakes, from 3 to 6 feet, and smaller but more aggressive ones, like the Canebreak Rattler. The water moccasin is from 3 to 5 feet, very defensive and not prone to retreat. Its little cousin, the copperhead is more aggressive. The coral snake is pretty small, just over one foot, with a little mouth and teeth instead of fangs ( cobra family ), but very deadly. You don't want to be bitten any any of them. You at least stand to lose the use of a leg or arm, if not full amputation. In the West, it is mostly the smaller diamondback, but lots of them. And there are lots of non-poisonous snakes, some very large and fast: garter snakes ( 3 feet ), black snakes ( 6 feet ), Georgia Pine Snake ( 5 feet ), king snake ( 5 feet). The king snake is a constrictor which hunts and kills poisonous snakes.

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    Some adders Icame across last summer:

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    Interesting stuff. I've seen grass snakes and slow worms before, but never seen an adder yet.
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