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Thread: Lost my DSC1 certificate

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    Lost my DSC1 certificate

    Hi all

    I've lost my DSC1 certificate.
    I took it in 1999 as part of my diploma in gamekeeping and now I actually need it for the first time I can't find it anywhere.
    Is there anyone I can contact who will keep records of this so I can get a replacement?


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    I would imagine that the BDS have records of your DSC1. Try contacting them
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    If the certificate is to have any substance and demanded by government department then there will need to be a full record of who holds these qualifications. I know if you fone DMQ they will have a record I have foned them about my cert,s and details were on hand.

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    Thank you.

    I have just emailed them. Fingers crossed.

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    You might also want to contact the college where you took your diploma in gamekeeping?

    If both the college and BDS turn up blank then try DMQ (DMQ - Setting the standard for wild deer management).

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    Lost mine.Replaced with no fuss.

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    Easily replaced ��dmq
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