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Thread: Game dealers.

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    Game dealers.

    Doe's any one know of any game dealers for red and roe deer between Girvan S Ayr, and Glasgow ? I currently take them up to Rick Bestwick Perth but it would be handy to of load them on way home.

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    I think you will find that is the closest, i am in around Glasgow area and Perth is it.

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    Braehead foods, Kilmarnock

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    ill get u number theres a chap who collects from gary loop in girvan

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    Theres one near Strathaven, ill try and find the details for you.

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    I phoned Braehead foods today were'nt interested in buying venicen, the woman gave me a mobile no to try, thanks for the replys.

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    Craig Stevenson owns breahead cannot take deer. Feather only.
    Quote Originally Posted by traveler
    Braehead foods, Kilmarnock
    My mate wilson is a director in charge of the warehouse and supply.

    And when you try to get money out of Fester it is like blood out of a stone.

    I have been trying to get Wilson to set up an area for deer (and the local deer groups will give him plenty) but they are tied in with Christian at highland game for all venison supply.

    So they cannot take.

    Las time i took venison to a dealer it was in Lochgilphead. Must be a business opportunity out there for someone.

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    Well i just put two reds through a game dealer Highland game and got 120 notes for the pair one was only a calf but still has to be the lowest price i have heard of.

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