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Thread: Stalking Bury St Edmunds May

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    Stalking Bury St Edmunds May

    It looks like I've got a weeks residential training course in Bury St Edmunds in may. Are there any outfits that offer stalking in that neck of the woods? Thanks in advance

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    look up jim@dgvm on the site he is based in newmarket just down the road he is a top bloke, with top stalking

    if you want his number (jim) pm me m8

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    or if you're a basc member, the kings forest stalking scheme....
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    Or try Chris Rogers at Euston Estate - you won't be disappointed.

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    I've done basc and Euston (Chris Rogers). I would use Euston again

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    stalking near bury st edmunds might be able to help pm me and i will give you phone number!

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