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Thread: Good Dog good day.

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    Good Dog good day.

    Out for the first buck of the season yesterday and after a long time spying I spoted a pair of bucks in the middle of a young rape field so walked a long way round them to come on the right side of the wind when I game through a small wood I noticed the 2 bucks going hell for leather across the field and over a fence ,of to my right was a jogger with his dog running in the field ,stalk over .
    I walked back to the pick up loaded the dog and set off for a wee plantation that has been getting a bit of attention from the roe as I came through the plantation Anya the HWV indicated that there were deer in front after a look through the binos I saw another 2 bucks and a doe to my right and another buck just about to couch up ,none of the deer were shootable as there was houses behind them and the march fence to my right as I lay on the wet grass the 2 bucks and the doe jumped the fence to my right then moved on about 50 yds and started on the plants in one of the gardens . I then thought it would only be a matter of time before the buck to my left joined his pals over the march fence , then a plan B was put in action My HWV Anya was lying in the grass in front of me watching the deer I sent her out up the line of the fence between the couched buck and his pals I droped Anya with a hiss ,the deer on the right took of the couched buck sprang to his feet and rand to the left among the young trees he stoped to look for his mates and by this time he had nothing behind him except hill he droped on the spot.
    As I checked him over I noticed his neck was bald from his throat to his chest it looked like it has had no hair for a while ,a bit leathery looking other than that he was in good nick ,he was not an old buck and he was still in velvet.
    A good day day out with a really great dog.

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    Good work. Looking forward to getting my new dog soon. Got my name down for one and should be looking at it this coming week. Really looking forward to stalking with a dog and getting it to work for me.

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    I don't think I could go back to stalking without a dog ,it makes a day out on the deer more enjoyable.
    I hope all goes well with your new dog.

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    Always a pleasure, a must to be joined by the stalking companion.....

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Should have my HWV in around a months time, really looking forward to it, going to be a lot of time spent together.

    Alba gu brąth

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