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Thread: Jobs for a beater it a stalker.

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    Jobs for a beater it a stalker.

    Hey guys, I live in the Bristol area and me and my friend are looking to find a place to hunt for pests or small game but we can't just jump into someone's land without permission or if they don't trust us, so we're looking to do a few jobs either being a beater or a stalker to gain experience and to gain trust of potential land owners, we both work in a butchers at the moment so we're not weak stomached when it comes to things like this and we are willing to get stuck in, any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope someone would be interested, thanks.

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    Well, you never know, it might pay off, but I wouldn't hold your have 9 posts to your name, most of which have been asking for somewhere to shoot, or enquiring as to what 'stalking' is..... I have to say, it doesn't paint the best picture.
    Take your time, build up a bit of a reputation on here for contributing to the forum, perhaps pay for a stalk or two to gain some experience, you will find that people who meet decent folk on here soon tell others, and so the network begins, and you build up contacts and trust, it doesn't come over night though, and most newcomers that jump straight in with requests for land tend to get a frosty reception, even when offering to help out......
    It's by no means a closed shop out there, but it is one based on trust, and one where everyone is fearful of people trying to get their hands on their land, you are a long way down a long old queue of like minded people all in a similar boat, but good luck to you anyway.
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Have to agree with deerstalker.308.I have been on site a while now,I have had several top guys take me out free of charge.Fox,Deer, even, so as soon as I am able I will repay their kindness.
    I was at one time so peed off with no ground/stalking of my own,that I was going to pack it in.
    6 years and still trying,but due to these guys help and positive attitude I am determined this year to get somewhere.
    Thanks Guys Tony.

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    Ok thanks for the advice guys, and hopefully some nice people would be willing to let me go stalking with them aswell, it's best I can do as much as I can really to gain good experience and hopefully gain peoples trust to, can the experience be anything? Like maybe tracking, placing down bait for certain things and where to find certain animals? Thanks for the help

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    I don't know whether I get this guy's post's. Not sure if he's straight. Come on Superess94 make me believe you are genuine.Wf1

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    What do you mean? Not trying to sound mean but if I wasn't genuine I wouldn't be on this site lol

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    My point is that just sitting there asking for it on a plate almost certainly won't work, you won't just get offered stalking (if you do I'll be amazed) why not contact some of the many folk on here, some of which will be in your vicinity and book a couple of paid outings, that way (and no disrespect) you will actually see what 'stalking' is which might inform you and make you appreciate what it's all about......

    i have to say, I'm leaning towards Wildfowler1's suspicion that all is not what it seems here, but I'm prepared to be proved wrong, you say that if you weren't genuine you wouldn't be here, but there are plenty who try, and normally their posts smell more than a little fishy....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    As you work in a butchers then why not speak to some of your suppliers? If you have local lads who sell rabbits or deer in to you I'd speak to them first and ask if you can tag along and get some valuable experience there. It's always good to tap up your local business contacts first.

    Even if you don't have any suppliers like that you'll have a few shooters coming into the shop, get chatting and see what fruit that avenue brings you.

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    not fruit its a butchers, only joking dont jump on me

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    i think you still need to understand what a 'stalker' is.

    you are asking for a stalking job with zero experience.

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