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Thread: >22lr Advice please

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    >22lr Advice please

    Which 22lr do you recommend. I think I would prefer bolt action as I know nothing about semi-autos and is second had a good choice.
    lower to middle price range. Many thanks.

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    as above cz second hand no probs even though my 22 is a anshutz my 17 is a cz nice and cheap good to go

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    If you look at a s/a it has to be a Remington 597, b/a then yes the cz is a great tool.

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    CZ do seem to be flavour of the month at the moment. But I expect that there isn't really a bad one from any of the usual suspects. Semi autos are okay, if you've got a plague of rabbits or whatever, or want some quick plinking action but the ones I've tried are susceptible to malfunctioning unless you're a bit OCD with the cleaning and they say they aren't as accurate as a bolt action, but I can't comment on that.

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    Another for Cz/Brno, had mine nearly thirty years. It's never missed a beat


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    Definately CZ for field use. My CZ455 is awesome

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    Thanks for the input will go looking at CZs tomorrow. Thanks again.

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    Another CZ here, and mines out for the day tomorrow, maybe a few rabbits and a bit of plinking.


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    no need to spend daft money steven cpl hundred should be ok s/h 452 cz 22lr maybe with a half decent scope on and 35 quid mod,

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