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Thread: The Secret Life Of The Dog

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    The Secret Life Of The Dog

    Did anybody watch this documentary the other week? It traces the origins of the domestic dog. You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here

    Just how vicious were the vicious strain of Silver Foxes

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    I saw it, and yes, they WERE snappy little buggers weren't they?

    Very different to their 'cuddly' domesticated wouldn't wanna accidentally mix those 2 cages up if you came in from the pub and thought "I know, I'll just give my fox a cuddle..."

    "Hello, is that A&E? Good. You're not going to believe this....."

    Every time they said on the programme how intelligent dogs can be, my wife looked at my 2 vacant-looking mutts, and shook her head......

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    I'm afraid that "Vacant look " is all part of the cunning plan!

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    Yes, I thought it was pretty interesting overall and fascinating in parts - the bit about dogs being able to 'read' humans better than the apes can and respond to specific hand gestures or even eye movements!

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    I was particularly impressed with the collie dog that knew 320 words and was able to collect toys by either photograph or word, very clever.

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