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Thread: Scope ideas

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    Scope ideas

    I'm still mulling over scope options for .17hmr
    There don't seem to be too much mid-top end scopes with parallax adj....or am I not looking hard enough?
    I want parallax adj as its to be used exclusively with a NS200 and anyone who has used these units will know the parallax adj is essential to deal with the picture focus at differing ranges and zoom magnification.
    Also been told that the NS units work best with low to mid quality scopes.....something to do with the lens coatings on the high end scopes not getting the best out of the NS??......any comments on this welcome!
    Fancy the Zeiss Duralyt but without parallax adj I know it wont be suitable
    3-12, 4-16mag or similar
    Parallax adj essential
    Don't want IR as useless with the NS
    Prepared to spend up to 500 new or second hand.
    Currently using a Nikko Stirling gold crown 3-12x50

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    I am looking at a Nikon Monarch 4-16x42 with side focus PA, to move from rifle to rifle for testing loads, accuracy, trajectory at longer ranges. It has a pretty fine crosshair at the center. $359 US on sale.

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    I have a leupold vxl on my 17 has side parallax and mounts low to rifle could be worth a look.

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    Nikon Monarch is a very solid bet.

    Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14x44 has side focus and, unlike the Monarch, which is 'limited' to 50 yards as its lowest parallax setting, the Legend comes right down to 30.

    The new Legends have a much finer ret than the older models - I have several of each and, for the money, they are a strong package of features.

    Meopta have a couple in the superb Meopro range well within your price bracket (4-12x50 and 6-18x50) with some great ret options - they are very, very bright and clear.

    My eyes prefer the Nikon Monarch over the Leupold VX-3 but I know other shooters who are the exact opposite.

    One other note based on superb low light performance: Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50

    It's right on your upper budget limit (new price) and blows everything else I've seen into the next county unless you at least double the budget.

    Best bet is to view as many as you can because not everyone gets along with the same glass. My mate swears by MTC, for example, while I swear at them...

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