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    220 swift

    Morning you guys,
    Anybody on here had any dealings with a 220..quite fancy getting 1 for the foxing...what bullets would you recommend..??

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    220 is an excellent calibre for foxes and muntjac. I also use mine for roe in scotland. I have had a 220 for nearly 30 years and would not be without it. The only down side is that without a mod it is a bit noisy.

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    friend of mine has one. remmy heavy fluted stainless barrel. sat in accuracy international stock. shoots sub half inch with 52 a max bullets.
    great foxing rifle.

    well its very fast with 40's and 50 grain bullets. 52 and 55 gainers is where it really shines.

    are you having one built ? a fast twist one would really hit out long range
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    My mate who's a keeper has one and swears by it, 50g bullets for fox and roe. Very very accurate at distance!

    Alba gu brth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    PM coire257. I saw him test firing a Tikka M55 he re-barreled in 220 Swift which he's selling. It's test fired only and is a shooter!

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    Highland roe fall over as if hit by a lightening bolt.


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    Im on my second swift now, it is the business for foxing and crow shooting!!

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    get a middlestead instead. feeds easier, super accurate, great caliber. nothing wrong with a swift, just that i'd opt for a middlestead first. 75gr amax would be a good option for all round performance....

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    I had an Ackley Improved version 30 years ago and it was a great shooter. Were I doing it today though, I'd just opt for a 22-250 which gives very similar ballistics with a more common brass and dies.~Muir

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