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    New Boy

    Hi Everybody

    I have been reading various forums for some time and have decided to join this one, as the members appear the most helpful and willing to offer constructive advice.

    I am relatively new to deer stalking although I have shot for more years than I like to admit to.

    My Home is in West Cheshire, which is not the most convenient for stalking. However I was introduced to the sport by a good friend who lives in the Scottish Borders and am lucky to be invited to assist in his deer management.



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    Welcome from another who is so far from our quarry!, (Chester), you'll get over it! Steve.

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    When are the goverment going to move Chester north it would save on the fuel or a better idea if we can find an MP who likes stalking we will just wait they will have some deer moved here on expences.

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    Give it three or four years, sightings of Roe are getting more and more frequent around where I live.... on golf courses, in cemetaries and wooded areas.
    A few weeks before Xmas one was hit by a car on the main road from Wigan to Warrington and the local milkman said he spotted 5 together on the disused railway lines early in the morning.

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