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Thread: Nightingale Moderator from Swift Precision Rifles

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    Nightingale Moderator from Swift Precision Rifles


    I have been considering another mod to replace my Ase S5 on my .17Rem for some time now. Despite this being in .25cal it seems to moderate fairly well but is like having a brick on the end of the barrel.

    I am still considering an Aimzonic, but these are not cheap, but recently came across the above and from what I've seen these look good, are pretty light with little barrel overhang, have the possibility of calibre specific baffles and are sensible money. It would therefore seem to fit my requirements pretty well, but I would appreciate comments from anyone who's had one please, particularly with regards to sound moderation - thanks.

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    I havnt tried one but i know the chap who makes them they are very well made and finished and weigh about 220 ish Grammes and are over barrell you can strip them completely also the chap who makes them has sold a few to people with .223 and he said they really praised them
    things to bare in mind are
    -they are all ally so if your a range blaster you will kill it but if you only shoot about few hundred rounds a year youll never have a problem also new inserts are also very cheap as a consumable

    - they are made calibre specific upto a max .22 cal only but they are calibre specific to what youll order with appropriate exit hole size and proofed for that cal
    - the thread size is limited to the smaller sizes maybe upto m14 and thats your limit give or take

    i know this as i fancied one for my .223 for walking around ive got m18x1 thread which is bigger than the bit thats threaded thats why he only does the smaller thread sizes

    if you want one or any info give shooting supplies a ring in bromsgrove as richard of swift is the owners neighber
    they will bend over backwards to help

    bottom line if they did my thread id have one without question

    hope this helps
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    I spoke to richard on wednesday when at his place for a adaptor change of my sl5 mod. he said well they do a 17 cal baffle. he wouldnt advised it on the 17 rem because of gas cuttings

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