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Thread: economics of reloading

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    economics of reloading

    I was wondering what savings you guys are making on reloading your own on average? I am figuring it is about 50% on store bought ammo on average once you have the kit.


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    Easily 50% probably more like 70% on some calibres but as you say once you have the kit. The biggest problem is that some people have to have the latest and best reloading kit and that tends to push up the initial costs to the point where you wonder if they are making any saving at all. However if you keep your head and buy wisely there are tremendous savings to be made.

    To be honest though mate the subject has been done to death many times on this site which if you do a search will confirm. Some site members are confirmed reloaders while others will never be convinced of the benefits but that's people for you.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Can you advise on what kit..I'm considering it too

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    here wills check at top of page see advert for 1967 spud he does any reloading gear and info,atb doug, oh and for the sake of fairness theres jd reloading as well sorry,

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    You need a lee zero error loader! (or even a bog standard one)
    all in one, press-less reloading

    learn the basics of reloading, make cheap accurate ammo and at 1/4 of the initial outlay on hardware

    having a bench with all the gear set up is not for everyone

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    Western Woodsman I warned you about people going to extremes and having to have the very best and latest kit, well Brewsher is the other extreme and is a minimalist. However what he uses does work and produces good ammo for absolutely the minimal on kit outlay.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    My reloading set up cost me £350 but will out last me more than likely. I get 170 rounds from a 1lb tub of powder making it 23p worth of powder per round, 30p per bullet guessing 5p a primer and the cases I get given . That makes it 58p per round ( not including the cost of the gear required)for me loading for my 243. That makes a box of 20 of my home loads £11.60


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    Are you sure that you are really a Scot Al?

    I worked out my costings for .308w the other day and this is what they came to;

    Sako Hammer Head £12.50:50 = £25:100 i.e. 25p each
    Primers S&B £32:1000 3.2p each
    TR140 £52/Kg 367 rounds to the Kilogram 15p per load.
    I normally disregard cases but the last lot of once fired Lapua cases were £10 per hundred and came from a very reputable source which I will not divulge. I get at least 8 loadings from each case more if I only necksize. What if we are extremely generous and allow say 5p per reload.

    The total comes to 48.2p per round or £48.20:100 or £9.64:20

    I am however very careful with my money, an honoury Scot perhaps? A friend of mine who is a Yorkshireman and an accountant to boot thinks that I spend too much and he is sure that he can do even better than me. He haggles over everything and I'm sure that retailers just get worn down by him and pay him to take goods away.

    In reality it's where you buy and where you are in the country can make quite a difference.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Buy a rcbs starter kit and add a powder thrower and stand, thats what I bought 13 years or so ago and still use it all now,dont get sucked in with all the bull and fancy equipment, its waste of money,I single load everything, frow charges a little light and trickle,most of my reloads less than 20fps difference and get quite a few duplicate fps, my ammo gets shot at 1000yds and its premium stuff.go for it, better shooting your own

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    Just looked at the price of factory ammo and nearly died. .308 win was running in at £34 per 20 at garlands for branded type stuff. So a massive saving to be had on that. I agree with 8x57 on costs but just round it up to 50p a bang. I fired 50 shots last week finding new load for shortened .308. That would have cost £85 in factory. Instead it cost less than £25. And my groups are 1/2 to 3/4" Be a sod to buy 3 different factory rounds and only one be any good.

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