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Thread: New .308 time! Sako or Tikka?

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    New .308 time! Sako or Tikka?

    I have been stalking for about a year now and i'm itching to upgrade my rifle to something better/lighter/shorter for woodland stalking.

    I'm happy with my scope (Swaro fixed 8x50) for the moment and reckon i've got about 1000 for a rifle and mod once i've sold or p/x my current rifle and mod.

    I was settled on the T3 lite as my friend has one which shoots really well and i'm impressed by the weight but wasn't that keen on the plastic stock.

    The question is do I settle for the T3 (in budget) or break the bank for secondhand Sako 85 or A7 if I can find one. Is it worth the extra 200-400? Any suggestions on where the best prices for these rifles are at the moment gratefully received. Best price I can find on a T3 lite is 720 new.

    What factory rounds do people use in these? I don't reload and as I'm still a novice would like to keep things 'simple'.



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    Do you like metal or plastic?

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    T3 lite stock is pretty appualing IMO. The wooden hunter stock is OK as long as you keep it oiled it shouldn't be a problem.

    The 85 is finished alot better than the T3 and really worth the little extra if you care for that sort of thing but they'll shot as good as each other.

    The T3's magazine is not a patch on the 85's. Plastic vs metal, and the metal one can top feed too which is pretty handy for crossing fences and the likes in snow. I've got 2 85's a plastic SS and a hunter, I much prefer the feel and weight of the hunter but I like heavy.

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    well, depends if you want flash or function. I actually like the t3 plastic, it's durable and dependable and the single stack magazine is light, fast loaded and reliable. All in all the stainless synthetic t3 is designed to be rugged and dependable throw about that works hard. Not a soft lads rifle that gets scared by dirt and cleaned religiously at the first sign of drizzle.

    The sako equiv is basically the ergonomic and aesthetic upgrade of what T3 stands for. If you like your alloy wheels and flash trim great it's for you but do remember that either rifle is an absolute machine of accuracy and get what fits you and the character.

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    Leaning towards the T3 as it is going to be used for work and I don't want to be too precious about it. At the same time I strongly believe in buying once and buying right hence why I was looking at the Sako. Probably going to the T3 in stainless and spend the extra on a good mod and 5 shot mag or maybe upgrade my scope to a vary mag.

    Any reccommendations for factory ammo for the T3 in .308?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    The sako equiv is basically the ergonomic and aesthetic upgrade of what T3 stands for..
    The T3 is what is made when accountants and marketeers run companies rather than craftsmen.

    I can't stand plastic components where metal should be on anything including vehicles
    The rear ARB drop links on a lot of Audi's are plastic. (a suspension component!), first thing people swap out is the crappy bits....for metal

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    You need to go shoot both of them, preferably in .308 Win.
    The T3 is cheap enough that you can buy it in wood and purchase an extra plastic stock, or vice versa, for the price of a used A7.

    In nice wood and blue, the Sako is a beautiful rifle, great shooting, something to hold on to and pass down.

    Start of with some Remington, Federal, and Winchester 150-gr. Then some 165s.
    Get down where it shoots with factory stuff before tinkering with any handloads.

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    I had the same dilemma when buying my 1st rifle last year in the end I went for the Sako A7 in 308, plastic stock seemed better thank the t3, you can top load the A7 as well if needed. Simple enough to look after mine has seen abuse over the winter on the hill a few times and going after does. Mine shoots well with Federal power shock 150g(28/box), Winchester super x 150g(21/box) both .75 moa at 100 yards and that was just new out of the box zeroing in, got my first Roe buck of the season just this morning with it as well. I do prefer the look of a wooden stock and they do look better on the wall but I'm rough with my gear and thought the plastic stock would look better than the wood in 5 years time due to abuse.

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    Thanks. I think if money wasn't a problem then I would be in for the Sako but i'm not sure I can justify it. Although I have just found a Sako 85 stainless with laminated stock with a mod for 1100 - seems like a bargain.

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