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Thread: big buck and fox too

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    big buck and fox too

    hi all

    had a lovely trip out this week to one of my favorite spots i like to spend a few hours in..

    i made the call to the farmer to let him know i was coming up... it was still early about 4 oclock so i new i had plenty of time....

    a short 30 min drive and i was there i got out the car and right in front of me stood a buck muntjac bright rusty lump standing out against the sunny green hedges .. i still had the gun in the car and was not in a big rush to get him so i let him carry on his afternoon munch..

    i got sorted bag sticks gun and away i went.

    i crossed two fields slowly walking the edges i got to the foot path and thought id have a spy in the binoculars see if there was anything moving along the bottom edge .......then came an almighty crash through the cover and out leaped a stunning roe he ran full speed up the hill away from me but i could tell he was a cracker and i also new where he was heading too so with this in mind i started to walk very fast to see if i could head him off before he made cover..

    i was a tad too late and he had made the rough patch just in time for me to see his white bum going into the tree line..

    this rough patch is about 70 yards wide and a few 100 long its made up of reeds bog trees bramble basicly everything to hide a deer but at the back is the canal so i new he was in there but i also new there was nowhere for him to go

    it had now become a game of who can sit the longest .....i didnt mind as it was a lovely view down to the cover

    i sat in the one spot on the deck rifle on pod ready for three hours and at last a glimpse of movement in between the trees i looked in the bins and it was him...

    now i do tend to take a few deer but in all honesty i got buck fever on the sight of him and started to hyperventilate lol he was just massive and after a long wait the excitement was well kicking in.. he was still standing in cover and slowly making his way into a clearing that you can see in the right of the picture above i waited a few minutes more until i was happy with the shot and there it was..... my opportunity........

    the shot rang out and he jumped and ran out of sight ....

    knowing the shot was good i did a small celebration dance and waited for a few moments ..... and would you believe it a fox came out of cover roughly in the same spot and started to walk right to me with a quick shout the second shot was off and mr fox was also down .....

    the shot was 180 yards to the deer and 120 to the fox

    i found the deer about 15 yards from where i had hit him... he was magnificent a very large body and a good head on him too a nice big clean 7 points...

    pleased is an understatement ....

    how to screenshot on windows 7

    and here is foxy he took a bit of a head shot

    i didn't really waist time sorting the roe skull as it will make a medal and it needs 90 days to dry to get cic scored so time will tel it 12" tall and weighing 620 at the mo so fingers crossed...

    screenshot on pc

    image hosting free no registration

    thanks andy

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    What a great day for you Andy!

    That's one cracking head, good luck on the scoring.

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    Thats a cracking result and a really cracking head for a great afternoon outdoors!

    Well done....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    A lovely head and a nice fox, well done.

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    Well done Andy, good exciting stalk/sit and your patience paid off, made even better by the appearance of charlie.
    Great head and will score heavily by the weight alone
    Nice one

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    Nice one mate, A very good read and well done again.

    Regards Cam

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    Excellent head there mate .Not all about that but it helps .

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