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Thread: Mint 243 required..

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    Mint 243 required..

    Afternoon all

    im looking to fill a 243 slot on my licence, looking for a nice tikka maybe or X-bolt must have a low shot count and well looked after..

    it will be my occasional deer rifle and back up foxing gun.

    synthetic stock if poss..

    Thanks for any replies in advance

    im based in Manchester but will travel for the rite rifle..


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    should be plenty synthetic T3's in .243 about..just about the worst possible gun you could buy apart from a remmy

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    a tikka in .243 is just about the perfect stalking and foxing rifle , do not go for an x bolt

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    I have a less than 300 shots remmy here in a mcmilaln stock if youre interested
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    I am thinking of parting with one of my Tikka 595s. Stainless, synthetic stock which has been painted an olive colour with flecks, screwcut 1/2" UNF, circa 4/500 rounds through it. Spiral fluted bolt. All in good order. I'll be looking for 550.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    I have a less than 300 shots remmy here in a mcmilaln stock if youre interested
    Thanks for the offer mate but not a fan of remmys..

    thanks again tho..

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    Shame as this one has been sorted with a no budget attitude
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    I currently have a Sako 85 Laminate Stainless in .243cal with PES mod, including rings (30mm) and bases residing at Potters Tun Wells if interested? Low bullet count, less than 400 from new.


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    Sorry to jump in on this thread buddy but i am looking for a sako 85 laminated right handed in .243 if the price and condition are ok send some pics to chloesden3@gmail,com if your still selling this rifle.

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