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Thread: Chiller / Cold Room

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    Chiller / Cold Room

    This is not mine and I have no connection with the seller - but it looks a good deal (on an Airgun site )

    I just thought it might be of interest to someone on here?
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    SOLD TO TRICKSPORT (subject to payment and collection)

    It's mine but for some technical reason I can't start a new thread anywhere on SD at the moment.

    Chiller / Cold Store for sale

    For sale:

    6' W x 6' D x 6'6" H Porkka Cold Store - I'm moving and won't have the space, plus the people buying my house don't have a use for an extra giant fridge at the top of the garden. Will suit keen deerstalkers, smallholders or cannibals...

    I don't know how old this is but I have owned it for about 4 years - it is a bit battered round the edges and could do with a lick of white enamel in places but functions perfectly. The fridge unit was completely re-gassed today with R417 (R22 replacement) and given a once over by my fridge guy - it drops to specified temperature of 3 degrees Celsius quickly and maintains temperature / auto defrosts the condenser as it should. I'll include the service and gassing paperwork.The unit is single phase and runs off a 13amp supply.

    It comes with the proper see-through vinyl strip curtain which hangs inside the door to help maintain internal temperature when taking carcasses in and out of the fridge. There is hanging space for about 12 Fallow deer, possibly more - it's not really tall enough for Reds but I usually just split them into fore and hindquarters to hang if needed.

    I will include all of the alloy / stainless (as seen on rail in picture) abattoir hooks that I have, plus a nice set of 30kg hanging scales which are perfect for weighing Roe, Muntjac and CWD.

    The fridge breaks down into about ten individual panels, the largest / heaviest of which are the door & frame and the compressor / chiller unit - it needs to be moved by van, pick-up or 6' trailer.

    When the purchaser rebuilds this, their life will be infinitely simpler if they start with an absolutely 100% level surface, otherwise it's hell to get everything square enough to cam-lock all of the panels together. If it is picked up in the next two weeks it will be from HR6 and you'll have a chance to see it running beforehand but after that I'll have moved and it will be dismantled in storage in Cradley, Worcestershire.

    I'm looking for 500 and will throw in a 250lb electric winch if I get the asking price.

    First to post a definite yes on this thread gets priority. Please PM me in case I forget to check this thread.



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    Quote Originally Posted by madmax View Post
    If only I had the space.
    I have the space, if only I had the money

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    Still for sale as of 15th April.

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    Sold to Tricksport subject to payment and collection.



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