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Thread: Good alternative to Butler Creeks?

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    Good alternative to Butler Creeks?

    Is there a good alternative out there instead of Butler Creek scope covers??


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    I've used the Hawke alternatives for about 7-8 each and they're very good. Much stronger better plastic and cheaper.

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    J S Ramsbottom has some at 3.99 each. They seem more robust and are a lot cheaper

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    Bushwacker 270 scopeoptic covers made by quake industries of usa these are cheap as chips lay flat give 270 range of motion are amber see thru they will mold tyour scope butler creek are crap bosstucker

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    Swarovski make a flip up scope cover but at a price - 60 each end! Based on the number of Butler Creek covers I have broken over the years I suppose they are not too expensive.

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    need new ones myself, will look into those Bushwacker's. Thanks for the info. Would not buy butler creek again, there not as good as they used to be that's for sure.

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    Think I'll have a look at the Bushwackers too. There's a bigger choice out there than I thought. Thanks for the replies.
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    Here they are in a video

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    I bit the bullet and fitted alumina covers to my Leupold, best decision I ever made, although not really helpful unless you have a leupold

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