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Thread: New to reloading (all advice welcome)

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    New to reloading (all advice welcome)

    Hi guys,ive just been to Reloading solutions to get some bits to start reloading,& I must say its a brillient shop with a very patient owner whose not out to rip you off or sell you things you dont need.He gave me lots of help & advice.
    I was just wonder how you guys load from start to finish with new cases & how many do you reload when working up a load.

    Thanks in advance Andy

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    Hi Andy,
    If you look through this section there is some good posts with step-by-step guidance on how to go about loading yourself for the first time.
    I will send you a pm with contact details.
    I got loads of help off the site when I first started Iím sure we can sort you out.


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    i have found that you tube can be a great resource when trying to learn more about reloading and many other things as well for that matter

  4. #4 has a lot of videos which are good.
    If you go to >reloading section.> stickys.
    And manufacturers web sites
    I make up 5 rounds per powder weight and shoot them to see.

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    hi wint if you want a hand mate i will help you load some rounds up. and set your dies etc... ive been reloading for around 2 years which is alot less then some on here. but both my rifles shoot small groups. so im doing somethnig right

    pm me if your finding it hard

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    No. No. No!
    Spend a little money and buy a reloading book! What is it with new reloaders in the UK that causes them to rely in the freaking internet to learn reloading?? To drop their reloading gear and run for the computer when they get into a snag?? What's next; Asking for loading data??? It's a wonder that anybody ever reloaded before the internet, isn't it?

    You asked for advice and welcomed all comers so this is my shiny penny's worth. ~Muir

    (Welcome to Reloading, by the way....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    No. No. No!
    Spend a little money and buy a reloading book!
    (Welcome to Reloading, by the way....)
    That's probably the best bit of advice you'll get on reloading.
    The trouble with asking for load advice on the internet is you'll sooner or later come accross, "Cervuslotter" or "Woodlandcreeper" who says, "20 grains o' Bullseye, 3000fps every time. I never had a problem with it". But it won't be cervuslotter or woodlandcreeper picking the bits of rifle bolt out of your head
    Buy a reloading manual from one of the bullet manufacturers rather than a powder manufacturer, as they offer more versatility. Speer, Sierra and Hornady are all good manuals, as is the Lyman one. All these have very detailed instructional sections.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    While I agree that a reloading manual is worth reading it is also the case that it is often good to get real world experiences from people on here who are actually doing it. It is also handy to be able to ask for experiences and opinions and if you hit a snag you can often get a lot of useful pointers on here. It is usually the case that the manuals don't cover every snag you will hit.

    When I started my minimum loads were flattening primers in a big way and I was a bit concerned. I put a few photos on the internet and had a few discussions with folk who knew what they were doing and it was concluded that my cases were maybe a fraction short for the chamber allowing the primer to back out. My reading of reloading manuals would not have helped me figure that one out and I'd still be shooting minimum loads in fear that I was over pressure. As it is I'm neck sizing and shooting book max loads with nice rounded edges to my primers and no signs of pressure at all.

    So, just one example of where a quick discussion on the internet can help. It is also the case that in the UK shooting and reloading is very much an "underground" activity and so many potential reloaders may not have any contacts local to them to assist. I never saw any hobby or process of the nature of reloading that wasn't easier to learn from another person than from a book.

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    You read the wrong manual! It was one made by a bullet manufacturer?? Most manuals don't discuss the process enough to teach reloading. The Lee manual is always a top recommendation from me because not only does it have excellent data, but it details reloading and much of the aspects of internal ballistics.

    I agree it's nice to have people to problem solve with but NOT to learn basic reloading techniques: a good book is a far better. I guess I was lucky in that I grew up in the pre internet age and bought every grungy, used, book on reloading I could afford and then I read them. By the time I was in my twenties I had a considerable library of books that I had read. I have more now and still read books on the subject.~Muir

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