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Thread: Tree Creeper Mk 4

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    Tree Creeper Mk 4

    I've decided to sell my Tree Creeper Mk 4 'Self climbing' High Seat as the area where I used it is due to be felled soon and I'll be getting loads of shiney new permanent free standing ones off the back of a grant scheme to protect the re-growth. 8)
    These seats do require a fairly sturdy and straight trunk with no branches sticking out, and preferably fairly rough bark. Your average large pine is ideal. I can't seem to find a link to anyone that sells these in uk now to show you what one looks like? They did have some on Evilbay a while back which worked out at about 250 with postage if I remember correctly? The two parts fold together and have rucksack style straps for ease of carrying. I think the whole lot weighs about 20 lbs.
    Anyway, this one has only been used about 5 times but worked very well when required. They are very comfortable to sit in and quick to use once practised. This is the top-end aluminium model with the stable adjustable shooting rail and padded armrests. The grey frame has been covered with realtree cammo tape, and the fiddley footstraps have been replaced with plastic pipe loops with internal bungees which makes climbing both safer and easier.
    I'm only selling it as I will no longer be able to use it with no suitable trees left standing.
    This will have to be picked up as postage or courier would not be practicable.
    Yours for 80!

    This is the only link I can find:
    Forgot to mention - I'm in mid suffolk!

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