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Thread: quietest deer caliber

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    quietest deer caliber

    at the moment I have a .243 I use for all of my deer stalking, I am thinking about buying a new deer rifle in a bigger calibre then getting a ,223 for my fox shooting rather than having one rifle for everything. my .243 is so quiet with a mod on, I want to get the same level of noise but with a bigger calibre. I would like something like a .270 or .308 possibly a 7mm-08 but want something as quiet as possible whilst still being reasonably flat, if I went for the .308 I would use the 123g bullets. I would just like to hear from those who have two of the calibres I mentioned and see if they notice much difference between the noise. thanks all.


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    Not poaching are we ?

    You want quiet ....

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    I shoot .243 (95grn) and .308 (150grn) both moderated. Don't notice much difference if any.

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    no but have got a highseat close to a house if that's ok with you?

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    A 6.5x55 with a T8 "brick" over the barrel will possibly be the quietest in something larger than .243. I changed mods to a Hardy as it's 45% of the T8's weight, but not as quiet, so there is a trade off.
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    I'd imagine a .308 is quieter than a .243 but by the tiniest of margins... It surely cant be louder. Almost identical case but the .243 is going a tad faster.

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    I did use a T8 ON A 243 and was noticably quieter than other keepers rifles
    now use a 6.5x55 with a PES T12 and again a very quiet gun compared to my peers

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    Something big, heavy, and moderated. If it's only the smaller species, a 444 marlin can be deer legal at subsonic speeds, and moderated, that'll be very quiet. A 45/70 or similar will do too.
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    I will let someone else answer this one for a change

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