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Thread: Camping in the borders with solway stalker

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    Camping in the borders with solway stalker

    Last Friday morning my friend Jamie and I headed to the borders for a spot of stalking with Colin aka solway stalker as many of you know him .i have previously spent time in his company but Jamie had never been up with me and indeed never been guided by a pro stalker before although he is a experienced stalker with many deer under his belt .
    The trip up was only interrupted by a drop into John Norris's at Penrith something I like to do to break the journey and see if a bargain can be had .we both treated ourselves to a harkila shirt and I splashed out on a dog whistle for the wife the generous bloke I am .
    we arrived at Colin's set up CAMP and went to see the boar damage he had said the farmer was complaining about .well indeed the damage was very substantial but a few days old and I could see why the farmer was a little upset .we couldn't find a positive entry and exit and the wind was blowing toward the wood making a sit out pretty difficult
    We fed several other boar stations before deciding to head out later for a roe buck .after a bite to eat we prepared to go out and as I knew the particular spot I set off while Jamie and Colin went to another part of Colins territory .i did spot a buck after carefully walking a hillside track but the boy was a considerable way off with no chance of an approach ,Jamie and Colin had seen two does but not a lot moving .we headed back to camp for kip well earned after a long day .
    I was recounting my last trip up to Jamie and the tale of the dam midges and was glad they hadn't yet appeared and he said haven't you seen the ticks yet arhhhhhhh! They were tiny but made me immediately itch !
    We rose early and set off for another of Colin's haunts in search of roe and goat ,we arrived and after changing vehicle we set off into the estate to a spot Colin said an unusual roe was spotted a few days earlier .
    we left the truck and after a short walk we spotted the shape of a roe buck grazing he spotted us and didn't quite know what to do col nodded and I put the buck down with the 6.5 .he indeed was the unusual roe buck an 8 point malformed animal I was a very happy chappy indeed and after a gralloch we were on our way .we saw several roe does and 3 red stags but no more bucks
    we found a good vantage point and I immediately spotted a roe and a buck at that ,Jamie was immediately down on the bipod and accounted for the buck in good style as it was a good way off I must admit even my heart was pounding as I watched through the binos . Again some back slapping and congratulations and we returned to the larder to clean and skin the bucks .
    We went off for a well earned brunch at the pub where Colin was immediately recognised by an SD member he had never met before "Toad" the power of the Internet and the SD eh ! Jamie and I where not recognised and were very disappointed to say the least .
    After the good food and company we returned to the estate and decided to try for a goat up on the wee hill .well it's official I'm not hill fit ! I was a bit of a blower and after spotting goat I managed to slow col and Jamie enough to keep up all but puffing abit .
    we rounded a small outcrop saw a couple of coats and Colin picked one out for Jamie who took it while I was directed to another group that sprang up on report and I accounted for another .
    after yet more congratulations we returned down the wee hill looking out across a scenery and view that makes you feel on top of the world and indeed the two travelling stalkers certainly felt something akin to this a roe a piece and a goat .
    A celebratory pint on the way back to camp and I collapsed into a coma till dawn seeing us back out while I saw does and a buck all shifty Jamie and Colin saw two cull bucks and a doe or two all as shifty as mine they were all couched up out of sight only to be almost stepped upon !
    So we had a thoroughly great time in the borders and coming home we both agreed getting noticed in the pub with SOLWAY STALKER was the highlight of the trip
    Cheers col great laugh ,good company and a good camp too !
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    cracking write up dougie, brilliant well done jamie and colin cheers doug,

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    Sounds like a great trip. You can't beet camping up on site, that's for sure.

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    Glad to see you've woke up Doug. Great account of your weekend and what an unusual buck you had. One for the memory bank everytime you look at it. Don't you just love it when your transport turns up at the wrong time . ATB Gaz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz View Post
    Glad to see you've woke up Doug. Great account of your weekend and what an unusual buck you had. One for the memory bank everytime you look at it. Don't you just love it when your transport turns up at the wrong time . ATB Gaz
    My frantic arm movements where to no avail ! Still a buck like the malformed and such good company will always be a trip I'll remember like they all are with S Stalker .

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    Well done, Doug. Hope all is well? Looks like a cracking trip and great head. Are you having anything done with him?

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    Sounds like a cracking trip Doug! Nice looking roe buck. Will be going up purely after the boar in the future? Would love to hear about that if you go too
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    If your going up to Colin be prepared to have a go for roe red boar and goat it's been done in one trip I believe, a McSOLWAY

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    interestingly, on a random subject I know..I spoke to one of the top guys in the Police Scotland licensing at Fettes. he said that now you have to have authority to shoot both boar and goat, in writing, on your certificate (in scotland), and going to a stalker/estate and shooting without this condition specified could lose you your certificate!....suss..

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    Nice debate for the legal section there then !

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