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Thread: RCBS scales for shotgun reloaders

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    RCBS scales for shotgun reloaders

    Hello all

    after buying all my bits to reload shotgun slug I've not got the time or energy to reload for the slug shooting i do

    So I've got a set of metric RCBS reloading scales very good condition boxed

    looking for 55 posted


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    bump sensible offers invited

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    Quote Originally Posted by leebut View Post
    bump sensible offers invited
    not the ones ms sent back are they ?

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    no these are as described above as metric, rcbs and not redding

    just to clear something up here regarding the returned scales there was nothing wrong with the scales apart from being an old set of cast iron scales as I described in the thread, they have been checked against my lyman dps31200 powder thrower and are accurate

    if ms was so concerned about the safety and accuracy of using a set of second hand scales from a forum why did he buy them, just go and buy a brand new set for 126 plus postage and not 55 posted for a second hand set

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    Rcbs metric reloading scales

    As described in original thread

    these are RCBS METRIC beam scales suitable for anyone reloading rifle or shotgun cases using metric data


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