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Thread: Q r mounts

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    Q r mounts

    Can anybody help, im after some QR mounts for my 2 scopes,i dont want to lose any zero if possible there going bto be fitted to a Tikka T3 pic rail,also i dont mind the cost if anybody has any advice which are best to buy please help me out Thanks Gunner

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    I'm using a pair of Recknagel QD rings, and a pair of Leupold at the moment, the Recknagel go on and off with no change to point of impact, the Leupold's do vary a little, but always within an inch.
    I have the lever release Recknagel's but wish I had gone for the tri-lobe nut and spanner ones.


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    Interesting thread.
    With the coming of reasonable priced night vision (eg Photon) it would be nice to be able to swap sights with no loss.

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    I use Leupold QR picatinny mounts on my HMR, they go and off with a change of about 1/2MOA, not good enough for me I am afraid to be able to change with confidence without rezeroing.

    My Pulsar NV scope is terrible, the best it will do is 1.5-2 MOA which is crap.

    Shame as I would love to swap between the 2 scopes as and when.

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    private fraser, This is why i started the thread,i have night vision, which i can use in the day as well, but i have a 6-24 mag scope for distance target work ,and i want to swap between the two
    if that makes sense

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    Third eye tactical uni mount its quick release and it has a bridge from the one scope mount to the other keeping it rock solid and it uses the but things rather than a lever

    a bit of a pricey set up tho

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    Gunner223, If money is not an issue go to optics warehouse as they have loads of qr mounts and rails etc, me i recently changed my 2x cz rimmys to picatinny/weaver rails and also imported a special rail from USA and use the same UTG mounts on my Tikka rifle with Nightforce Scope, on average i find they are maybe out 1" but if you have the time like i do you can re zero into perfect again. I also use the New Photon nv unit and swap between all calibres of rifle, hope this helps.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner223 View Post
    private fraser, This is why i started the thread,i have night vision, which i can use in the day as well, but i have a 6-24 mag scope for distance target work ,and i want to swap between the two
    if that makes sense
    Makes a lot of sense Gunner, swapping means you can get the best of both.
    I'm thinking of getting a Photon. I'm aware it can be used in daytime but also aware it's not great in that department...and I like the day sope I currently have on the rifle.
    I think the mounts etc that will sort the problem dinnae come cheap though.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I use warne QR mounts on the 444, they return well enough to not worry, though I must say, it's no 1/4 MOA rifle, more a 2 MOA gun, so if it's 1/2" out, I'd not notice.

    I also use the weaver QR mounts, holding an 8-32 sightron onto the long range gun, which I would notice any change, and to be honest, no more than 1/4" poi change upon re-fitting at most, 99% of times it's fine.

    I take the NV off the 222 after use, as it won't fit the cabinet otherwise, and that returns within an inch, which is fine, I don't shoot foxes at silly distances, I like to see how close they will come in before I shoot, I can ID them from 200+, but always had them well within 80 yards at the shot, I'm not doing head shots so within an inch is plenty close enough.

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