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Thread: Bits and pieces

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    Bits and pieces

    Harris SLM 9-13" with podlock 70 posted
    Newcon Optik LRF 1200 rangefinder 75 posted
    X3M1 tripod 30 posted
    Webtex Sniper bag 32 posted sold
    Holland field bag 16 posted sold
    snugpak response pak 12.50 posted sold
    Foxing with lamp and rifle 22 posted sold
    ABCs of reloading, Lees Modern reloading And 308 one book, one calibre 28 posted
    Howa 308 mike lucas bore guide 15 posted
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    Hi Rooster, I will take Foxing with lamp and rifle please. G_O

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    Holland field bag please.



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    webtex bag please
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    Snugpak bag arrived today thanks. All fine.


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    Holland Field Bag:

    Dog-gone-good transaction.




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