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    Hi Mole

    Newspapers hey

    We have absolutely loads of white sika deer on many local estates and reserves in and around Poole..

    Me and Lakey are out together with the cameras shortly as there is a good six point white Stag on the same estate as those two..

    On Arne and that particular estate i would say youd struggle to walk round without seeing a good few white ones

    Nice pictures though mate


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    ooops Mole
    think you might of got one over on the Arne lads here
    sorry Terry
    you and lakey best get snapping
    looking forward to the results already

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    lots of white deer hear but im not saying where as i know of 7white deer that hang out together dont think it would be fair to name the estate in case the poachers get them dont think they are as rare as people think have shot white roe in the past even spotted a white red deer no not striped

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    Sounds like you're positively dripping with them PS1 - looking forward to the pics!

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    Looks like the gauntlets been thrown down fellas..

    Watch this space


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    Good on yer Terry - waiting out! 8)

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    Sorry i havent made it out with the camera as yet..

    Heres a couple from last time

    Sorry about quality.. only had a kodak easyshare and took the pictures through binos


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    Nice one Terry - now, what about that stag?

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    Well Mole just to wet your apetite before the biggeee

    A little spiker and hind from today

    In a group of nearly fourty i was busted twice and unable to get them in the same shot Doh..



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