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Thread: Fishery Record Broken

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    Fishery Record Broken

    As a management member of my local fishery I thought some of you fishermen would be interested in the following post.
    Llyn Clywedog is a 415 acre upland lake in the heart of Mid Wales, 5 miles from the town of Llanidloes. This is a fly only venue with miles of bank fishing and also offers 15 boats for hire.
    On Friday the fishery record was broken when an elderly gentleman weighed in a specimen rainbow trout, tipping the scale at25LBS 04OZS.
    What a quality fish this was having grown on in the lake from approx. 1lbs to 2lbs. Don't know of any other trout in the country bettering that !!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    thats a bloody cracker gaz i never thought they could make that weight,disease/old age etc,atb doug

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    I know everyone likes to blow their own trumpet Doug but this fishery is know as the Hidden Gem. We have had many big fish between 15lbs to 18lbs weighed in throughout some gone seasons. We have had some scales tested from big fish in years gone by. Surprisingly the results came back with the fish not being incredibly old. If I remember a big brown of 18lbs was estimated of being 8 ish years old. atb Gaz

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    very nice fish mate well done atb doug,

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    what a belter ! full fin and an absolute picture , well done to the old guy , big fish stocked as big fish dont really appeal but that is a fish of a lifetime !

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    Wowsers that's a monster soons like a Crackin fishery .thanks for sharing

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    My heart goes out to the old boy!

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    Very nice. Out of interest, do you have rearing cages on site? Just wondering whether it made that size on natural food or free offerings falling through the bottom of the rearing cages?

    I'm also very impressed by the results of the scale testing. I was talking to a guy at a fishery local to me where they rear their own fish, who suggested that rainbows normally grow at about 1lb per year.


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    That's very impressive, especially as it's grown to that size under its' own steam. I sometimes fish at Albury Estate Fishery, just because it's accessible from where I am, and they have a lake that's specifically stocked with big trout. I find this pointless and it also ruins the carefully constructed illusion that this is proper fishing and not a pick-your-own-strawberries set-up. Put there are plenty of people who are happy to pay lots to chase after these big trout.

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    And not a pellet pig either.

    I once caught a 7.5lb grown on rainbow in Rutland, and that took me almost half an hour to bring in. I can only imagine what this one must have been like.

    Sadly, since moving North, I can't find any venues where there's a reasonable population of grown on rainbows. Completely different beasts to stockies and pellet pigs.

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