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Thread: Tough Muntjac

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    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Question is, how the F do you hit something like that and not be aware you have hit something? Not as if she was driving an HGV, oh just realised "she" probably doing makeup, hair & drinking a coffee on her way to work

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    I thought it reads in the article that she was aware she had hit the deer
    but it took her 2 miles of further driving to stop and check for damage
    ie reference the garage

    That is a different matter altogether
    only concern was her car
    not the animal she hit 2 miles back down the road
    luckily it survived the ordeal at the time
    makes a great story...!!!

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    Funny looking fawn
    looks like its cross bred with a fallow. !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by white van man View Post
    Funny looking fawn
    looks like its cross bred with a fallow. !!!!!
    Just goes to show: one journo's "similar" is another person's "a different species entirely"!

    Munties are definitely tough, but cars have for some time been designed to do less harm to pedestrians in the event of collisions. I don't suppose the designers had four-footed varieties in mind, however.
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    Shurely a charge of 'Using a motorised vehicle as an engine to take game on the Queen's Highway'? ;-)

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    i can understand her not wanting to stop if she was on her own on a country road at dawn
    a barony original

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    You`ve got to feel sorry for the munty, It got hit by a car, went through all that trauma of hanging on for a couple of miles, got all the press coverage, a star in it`s own right

    Now somebody will shoot it

    And another thing! just one more way that munties are now all over the country , indiscriminate, illegal trapping and releases by the white van mans accomplice the Peugeot mamma, crafty Bas***ds

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