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Thread: My Pup

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    My Pup

    Now 12 weeks old and coming along fine


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    Hi David1976 and Gazza,

    I've got Ute and Diesels brother,he's called Sika.

    Gazza i remember seeing Diesel when i went to see the pups, he had a really dark face, you can see it on the other pic you posted.
    Has he lightened up or is it just the picture.
    Sika was one of the lighter ones but he's darkened down alot and is turning out to be a right character.

    I will try and put some pics up soon


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    Moose, He's still very dark but that's the reason I picked him I wanted a dark coloured dog.

    For a 12 week old pup he really amazes me as to what he is capable off even although to him it is just a game with food at the end. After saving up a good few livers he's not too fussy about them but a bit of venison or a leg and he's happy.

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    He's stunning mate, is it a Teckel?

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    is it a Bavarian mountain hound ??

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    With the ears flapping in the wind he just maybe able to take off but bairn79 takes the money - a Bavarian

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    nice looking dog too mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mickthebrick
    Is it a plane?
    and there i was thinking it was super dog

    sorry guys

    a cracking looking pup
    and bloody well pleased you are also chuffed too 8)
    look forward to seeing more action shots in the future
    kind regards

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