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Thread: VW Transporter Van 4x4 Syncro

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    VW Transporter Van 4x4 Syncro

    Does anybody drive this van? Any idea about fuel comsumation? Engine is 2.5 lit TDI ( diesel). I want to replace Nissan Terrano 3 lit diesel wich is to hard on fuel.

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    Just been borders and back in the non 4x4 version 500+ miles 100 Super van ,my mate may post a more in depth description Norma

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    Thanks. I know the van very well, excellent vehicle. It belongs to a shooting friend. He just bought his third one, brand new. As money was never a problem for him, he has no idea how much fuel it needs, when it's empty he fills it up. My terrano takes about 10.5 to 11 lit/100 km. If I don't gain anything, I don't know if I would go for it. As a shooting:working vehicle a 4x4 van is brillant. Much better than a true 4x4 ( Jeep type) car. Easier to load, mostly better on-road, etc.... I had a 4x4 Kangoo before and still regret selling it in favour of the Terrano. The van he sells has very low mileage ( 80.000 km/ 50.000 miles ) and he makes a very good price. I would like to hear more from your friend.

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    used them for many years just took delivery of a 180bhp the 2.5 tdi models we used averaged 33 miles per gallon that was mainly motorway at 75 to 80 mph
    not much different round town to be honest

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