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Thread: whats the best sate to keep your barrle in

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    whats the best sate to keep your barrle in

    Hers one .clean or dirty ,i like to patch mine though every 10 or so shots and keep a clean barrle ,i always pull a snake though after each outing .i would like to get an idea of what is a good sate to put your gun away in.

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    Take mine out, shoot it, put it back!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Take mine out shoot it, put it back!
    bit early for you

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    i clean my rifles after 50 rounds,

    now that could be in a morning if im long range plinking, or a busy night on the bunnies/fox,

    i clean it then leave the bore dry, always have done this as i do not like to leave modern oil's in the barrel.

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    pull through with a boresnake after use, then every 50-80 rounds a full clean, unless its a WMS range day, when 200+ can go down range in which case it gets a full clean afterwards
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    The post I made on another thread on barrel cleaning while intended to be tongue on cheek , it was only partly in jest.

    I have no set cleaning regime,rifle gets a wipe over after being out, will put a patch through the barrel if I think there has been any chance of water having got into it , other than that I only clean it when accuracy starts to fall off.

    Works for me having a rifle that still shoots to point of aim despite having had several times times the number of bullets through it that is normally talked of in barrel life.

    I believe pushing hot loads will have a far greater effect on barrel life than how often a barrel is cleaned

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    i clean mine when they need it,or dirty which ever comes first, mostly when im bored,

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    I'm all for economy of effort, so mine gets done after every 50 or so rounds. Depends on conditions when it's out of course.

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    Shove a couple of soaked patches through barrel after firing to clear the black crap out, a patch or two to 'dry' it out then an oiled mop for storage and a full copper out job & oiled after 40-50 rds. I use a patch soaked in meths to clear oil before firing.
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    At the moment I am breaking in a brand new Bergara barrel in 30-06, I am not a 1 shot and clean man, so at 9 rounds I though I would check for copper build up that a lot of people on here say happens in new barrels.
    NOT in new Bergara barrels it dousn't apart from a bit of carbon it was as clean as a whistle.

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