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Thread: Hello from Mid Northants - arrived by accident rather than design

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    Hello from Mid Northants - arrived by accident rather than design


    I have arrived here more by accident that design.

    I had been an occasional game and clay shooter for over 25 years, when about ten years ago my wife and I started beating for the local farmers shoot which has a pen in the woods just 300 metres from where we live. We happily went about our beating for three or four years and I enjoyed the occasional day's shooting as a guest each season . The keeper on the shoot was fitting his keeping around a full time job and had successfully managed this for a number of years ( it is a small and fairly informal shoot although we do like to do things properly).

    Five or six years ago we received a visit from the shoot captain towards the middle of July, with a request that as the keeper was unlikely to be able to assist for the forthcoming season could we "look after the birds until the end of harvest". We pleaded complete ignorance as to what was needed, but were eventually persuaded, and having failed to clarify which harvest was being refered to we are still , some six years later, the part time, amateur, trainee, keepers!

    Last season we suffered from an unprecedented level of predation and this led me to apply for a FAC in addition to my long held SGL.

    A wet winter meant a slow start to predator control as the land is largely arable and I would have won no friends driving around churning up the tracks.

    So there I sat with .22LR CZ 455 thumbhole and Tikka T3 in .223 chomping at the bit waiting to get started.

    We do have the occasional muntjac on the shoot and that got me thinking about stalking as well as the primary mission which is predator control

    Being keen to get going I arranged a paid for stalk which , although it did not result in a deer, whetted my appetite for more. That led me to reading various forums and eventually I arrived here.

    Looking forwards to learning more from forum members and hopefully going on to develop some stalking opportunities.


    Sans Culottes

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    Welcome from a stalker in South Northants.Wf1

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    Welcome to the site. Thanks for a proper intro. Sounds like you've had a baptism of fire into keepering. Good luck with the stalking, plenty of good info and advice to be found on here.

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    Welcome from another Northants vermin/predator controller.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the asylum


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    Welcome, from another Northamptonian!

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