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Thread: How stupid is this?

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    How stupid is this?

    Having been out most of the day we arrived home to find the answer machine blinking away. It was the credit card company requesting that I get in touch with their fraud department

    I spoke to a very helpful young lady and after the usual security questions she asked me if I had used my credit card to pay court fines of 680. I could not believe it some dozy **** had used illegally acquired credit card details to try and pay their court fines. I expect they shall have another one to save up for now


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    Nothing is safe anymore. Hope they sting the **** for another 680.

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    Lol my god is there no end to stupidity

    I reckon that is the one that takes the biscuit and a potential Darwin award winner in the making

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    All i can say is i hope the police get hold of him before you do mate, They dont find many people with broken arms and legs in ditches this time of the year up on heartbreak ridge do they........................
    I cant believe the **** has paid court fees with stolen credit card details, What next

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    what a knob head!!!!! no i dont mean you jayb lets just hope they have been nicked again

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    Just a thought mate, can you send me you credit card details so i can take the misses out shopping

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    i thought you said you already had them,didnt you try to pay your fine with it

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    What a pillock!

    Wonder if he was the brains of the outfit?

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    Probably a pikey

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    Careful with that word Rangefinder - the Thought Police will be after you!

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