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Thread: Level 2 What next??

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    Level 2 What next??


    I have just registered for level2 and wondered if anybody had any tips they could pass on ??

    ATB Steve

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    Just my two penneth, but if you don't already, take out a subscription the Best Practice Guidance:

    It's certainly worth the 15 if you're going for Level 2. Also, spend as much time as you can with experienced stalkers and don't be afraid to ask 'dumb' questions (I still do!).


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    Hi Steve
    All i can say is prepare for all the witnessed stalks and really brush up on your knowledge of deer, there surroundings, and other wildlife that share the same ground.
    Experience is the best thing to gather before even getting someone to witness your stalks. I have encountered many people who have registered for level 2 and dont have a clue on the simple basics of safety, what equipment to carry how to actually stalk a deer, how to recognise what animal to shoot out of a heard and even as bad as not being able to tell the difference between sexes. and even as far as not even knowing the correct seasons that a particular species can be shot in
    Dont rush it mate and brush up on all of these items before even thinking of getting a witness to accompany you. You really need to know your stuff as you dont know what the witness is going to ask you. Ensure your gralloch`ing skills are up to scratch as its you that has to show them that you can perform to the required standard. Remember you cannot ask for any help or get any guidence from your witness either so your on your own while your being assesed.
    In my eyes i think too many people are registering for there level 2 who are not experienced enough, and try to rush it through. Take your time do your homework and get as much experience as you can before asking for a witnessed stalk, It could get very expensive for you if your asked questions you dont know the answer to and end up paying for another days witnessed stalking to get the module signed off

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    What an exellent reply, I agree with you whole heartedly.
    I have heard people say things like "That's my level 1 under my belt, now I've registered for level 2"
    Or others have advised people passing level 1 to "Apply for level 2 straight away while it is still fresh in your mind"
    I am an AW and we have to say somewhere along the line as to whether we feel the candidate is up to the required standard for the award.
    It is not just the three Deer dealt with in the relevent portfolios that qualify the candidate, it is the way it is done and the confidence with which it is done and the 'extra' questions that give the AW the idea of the candidates knowledge.
    I had one guy ask me if I minded him using a red cable tie for tying off the gut because on his course they had used blue and he thought that was part of the 'exam' to remember the colour

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    Well Steve, three very good replies there straight away, totally agree with all of the above. I would also suggest that you may want to go out for a stalk with an AW as a training/familiarisation session without the pressure of filling in anything in your portfolio just to get an idea of what is expected. You will find that many people will knock the DMQ system (mainly those that haven't done it!) so another piece of advice I would give is to stay positive and take a pride in completeing a good portfolio. Where abouts in the country are you? JC

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    level 2

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    Im on the kent/sussex border

    ATB Steve

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    Some great sensible replies there already Steve.
    Don't rush it! You have 3 years if necessary! Great idea to go out with an AW or experienced stalker NOW to get an idea of the level you should aspire to as it is a 'Quantom Leap' from level 1 in reality. Then go and practise it over as many animals as possible. There are some good DVD's about too which you can continuously refer back to until you are confident. Take your time and get it right!
    Good Luck.

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    Another sound bit of advice is to ring one of the Assessors from the list that will come with your portfolio - they will ensure that you start off in the right vein

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    Hi Steve..

    Best advice.. Enjoy it mate...

    Absolutely loved doing mine and as with the level one was a great experience..

    I heard you had a result with my mate

    Good luck


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