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Thread: Macmillan stocks

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    Macmillan stocks


    I am looking to maybe put a macmillan stock on a sako rifle.
    Does anyone know who is a good supplier ??

    ATB Steve

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    There are two currently for sale in the Classifieds section:

    I'd certainly recommend the upgrade of a Sako to a McMillan stock:

    You can get them through MidwayUK, Riflecraft, Precision Rifles, etc. but I sourced mine direclty from the US. I seem to remember a thread here on the site from someone else who ordered one direct from McMillan.


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    Jackson Rifles have by far the biggest selection of Mcmillans off the shelf than anyone in the UK.

    A stock from Jacksons will cost you around 100 more than ordering one direct from Mcmillan but, you won't have to wait 5 months for it.

    Mcmillan will ship you a stock direct in either a painted colour or a marble finish gel coat that you can specify the % of the colours used max of 3 I think.

    Mine is a Sako 75 hunter stock in marble gel coat using 70% olive 15% light tan and 15% black;


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    Check McMillan's website and go into internet specials, I have bought four from them and had no problems.

    Make sure you ask for a finished drop in stock then all you have to do is get it bedded or pillar bedded



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