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Thread: tikka optiloc rings and bases for sale

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    tikka optiloc rings and bases for sale

    as above. these are 30mm blued in good overall condition apart from some of the screws look a little past there best so will prob need replacing. with the better torx head ones you can get now.

    i am not sure on the height of the rings. but the guy i had rifle off had a 50 mm obj leupold scope on this m695 sporter barrel and that fitted snug above the barrel.

    55 posted for the rings and bases due to the some of the little screws need replacing.
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    25 or 30mm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    sorry 30 mm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muntjac View Post
    im sure i have some sako rings and bases which are 25mm. i will check tomorrow. and if i have then i could take the rings off the sako bases. as there interchangeable its just the bases which are not.

    if thats any good to you

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    let me know jay
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    sorry buddy havent got any 25mm rings to fit these bases. the only ones I had where for direct fit to sako action.

    im sure someone would swap you some 25 mm rings for these 30mm ones thougj
    as 30mm seam more popular

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    If you can find out what height they are I may be interested in these.

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