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Thread: Last few stalks

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    Last few stalks

    Wednesday evening saw me at a farm where theres generally an early season buck as theres a few does permanently on the ground .Stalked the whole farm without seeing so much as a fresh slot but getting back to the buildings i took one more look behind and was more than surprised to see 5 deer running towards a patch of turnips the farmer attemted to strip graze this winter but due to the rain never happened .The deer however must be making the most of it.They all put their heads down and started munching on the crop just as the heavens opened and down it came big time .I expected them to run for the hedge but they were content to feed in it .The bins revealed a buck with a doe and three young ,triplets.The field here rolls over a bit and the deer were on the other side of the drop so no shot yet .They were about 160 yds away and feeding over the ridge a bit to me so got on high bipod to maximise shot chance .The buck was the first over the ridge and was soon in a position to kill and down he went on the spot .

    Thursday saw me and my lad at another spot locally .He was to shoot and me the guide .This land leads down to a river where there is a rushy flood plain favoured by deer .Stalked along past my highseat and spotted a muntie doe on a slope .She was totally unaware and feeding from left to right out in the open .I decided the lad would take it as she didnt have anthing at foot and was obviously heavy .Got set up only for a roe doe to come crashing out of a bramble patch nearby and take the muntie with her.We stayed put a while as i glassed forward and another muntie showed under a hawthorn bush ,a buck this time ,thick set and in antler.He pushed through the cover and was in full view but moving as they do .He stopped briefly and George needed no telling to take it .At the shot he ran to our left to the river bank ,luckily straight lining along it to collapse dead ,shot through the heart at 7 0 yds .Well proud ,his first muntie.

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    very good job on them both brilliant,

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    Well done to the young one.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Nice buck you shot there foxdropper, congrats to young George, both of you will always remember this occasion.

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    It's pretty special to be able to share a great stalk like that with your son. You both deserve to be well proud!

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    Hearty congrats foxdropper a fine buck and special time indeed, with and for your lad.

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    Very nice...... Nice to see you folks let them grow a decent rack before you shoot them.... Sure looks like you took the Roe with one of them dreadful high shoulder shots... Keep that up and you'll get lazy and loose your tracking skills... Congrats to the boy also.... Hope you teach him to take the same shots...

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