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Thread: Waterproof Padlock

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    Waterproof Padlock

    I'm after some REALLY waterproof padlocks. Ideally combination ones. They're for securing pheasant pen gates in, obviously, an external location in an often wet and windy Cumbria. I've tried a few and the good ones last one season with luck and no more!

    Any suggestions anybody?

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    Hi Pedro,

    Waterproof is asking too much, weatherproof yes.
    I like Abus locks, usually pretty good quality.
    Have a look here, scroll halfway down the page....

    Combination Padlocks - Buy Online Now - UK Next Day Delivery

    Be careful to check the size before ordering or you may end up with something too titchy.
    You're best to give any outdoor lock a good skoosh of the old wd400 often.
    Nothing will defeat Scottish or Cumbrian weather but may hold it at bay.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    i have two rubber coated ones from wilkinsons cheap not sure of price been on shed door forfour years still ok water gets in but they still work,red/black red/and yellow, just checked ,and yep they are still ok not bad for a cpl of quid,solid locks too,
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    On my shed, I have a small piece of corrugated plastic covering the lock. ( around 4" square ) Just lift it up and there is the lock nice and dry.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, will have a look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingy View Post
    Just oil it regular
    Far too sensible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingy View Post
    Just oil it regular
    +1, plus you could make a cover for the lock out of a plastic milk bottle or similar to keep the rain off it.


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    The moving parts are what is getting you. Can you get a common keyed set of normal locks and just give them a shot of WD40 now and then? What does your military use for padlocks? Maybe you can find them surplus. US uses a 200 series (5200 newer), stainless steel with brass (?) guts and key. Come in common key sets of 10) Sure you folks have something compareable...

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    I disagree re oil as it can go dry/gunkie and cause problems.
    WD40 is light and will evaporate but a good zap now and then will do the trick and cause no problems.
    You can also get graphite dust which won't evaporate or go gunky but it's not suitable for outdoor stuff.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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