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Thread: Pulsar N750

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    Pulsar N750

    As per title I'm looking for one for a .222 foxing set up.
    Thanks for looking

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    Hello Soulboy1957,
    I recently purchased from Scott Country the Pulsar N870 LRF, which included the laser rangefinder, excellent piece of kit with the NM800 940nm covert I/R led.
    Problems with eye relief.

    Had some problems with the eye viewing position and cheek on stock, because of the additional height of the N870. I therefore needed to raise the comb of the stock.
    I sourced some POLYMORPH beads which when heated to 60degrees C, either in water or by hair dryier, become pliable like kiddy’s plasticine. In this heated condition, the polymorph plastic can then be shaped and molded by hand onto the comb of the stock, fitting like a saddle. It works a treat, and is kept in place by some velcro. Initally the beads are white but can be changed to any colour with the addition of the dedicated colourant. The company I purchased the beads from was CPC Farnel, a 1kg canister costing approx 18, inc p&p.

    The polymorph material can be reheated and reused time and time again, brilliant! When cool it is a solid which can be sanded, drilled or tapped.
    I have raised the rifle stock comb by 1 inch high x 6 inch long and used approx 1/6th of the 1kg beads. So for the princely sum of about 3, I have a custom stock.

    Hope this info may help someone.

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    hey are you still looking for one?

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